Does the time of the day I have sex anything to do with my weak erection? You will be shocked to find out


Does the time of the day I have sex anything to do with my weak erection? You will be shocked to find out

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It is not uncommon for couples to occasionally wonder if sex is better at a certain time of day. While most men and women can become aroused any time they are alone with their partner, it is normal to wonder if sex would be more stimulating if it had occurred earlier or later in the day.

Even though sex therapists state that there really isn’t a “best time” to have sex, there are some factors that can affect your sexual performance and the experience you have that often depend on the time of day.

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What is the best time of day to have sex?

Most men do not have a problem having sex at any time of the day, if they have time alone with their partner in a private area. What many men do not know is the certain physical factors might be playing a critical role in their enjoyment of the sexual act, and they might not even be aware of it. Here are some examples of how the time of day can affect your sexual encounter.


Having early morning sex is not only a great way to start your day, it is also a good time for men to perform sexually. It is common for men to wake up with a firm erection, which can be helpful if you are having problems achieving or sustaining one. Not only is morning sex an optimum time for suffers from erectile dysfunction, which by the way can be naturally cured using THIS safe method, it is also when the hormone oxytocin levels are highest in your body. This hormone not only helps to improve mood, it also acts as a natural pain reliever and can make sex more enjoyable. For some men, this is an excellent reason to wake up a little earlier.

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Couples who are trying to become pregnant might want to consider having sexual intercourse in the afternoon, when a woman’s fertility levels are at her highest. It should be noted that having sex any time of the day or evening can also result in pregnancy. Some health care professional believes that afternoon sex not only increases a woman’s chance of conceiving, but it can also make orgasms longer and stronger for both partners. While there is not any research to support the findings that afternoon sex is the reason for men and women reporting better orgasms, it is a reason to take longer lunch breaks with your partner.

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Long days, busy schedules, and stress can make it difficult for some men to fall asleep at night, no matter how tired they may be. One safe and natural method to help you sleep peacefully is to engage in sexual intercourse. Not only will sex help to ease tension and stress, the body also releases natural chemicals that can help you fall asleep. During an orgasm the brain releases serotonin and oxytocin, which not only act as natural pain relievers, the hormones are also responsible for the relaxed and peaceful feeling many men felt after having sex. It is safer than taking a sleeping aid supplement, and it is also immensely more pleasurable and satisfying.

But, no matter the time of the day you choose to have sex, it is more important to focus on  the quality of the sexual experience. As long as both you and your partner are happy and satisfied there is not a right or wrong time to have sex. However, if your sexual experience has not been pleasurable as a man either due to quick ejaculation, weak erection, low sperm count click here for the solution.

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