IMSU graduate awaiting NYSC shot dead at IMSU (graphic photos)


IMSU graduate awaiting NYSC shot dead at IMSU (graphic photos)

Tragedy struck today as a recent IMSU Political Science graduate was shot dead at the school. The deceased, Ndubuisi Diego, was awaiting his NYSC posting when he was killed.

According to the account of his coursemates who shared the story on Facebook, Ndubuisi popularly called Jboy had gone on a date with his girlfriend, then dropped her off at her hostel.
He was escorting her to the entrance of her hostel when a rival cult group accosted him and shot three times. He died on the spot while two other people were injured. 

The photo where he was wearing a blue T-shirt  and a red hat was reportedly taken just moments before he was killed. Friends have taken to Facebook to mourn him. Ajadike Maryjane Adaugo, a former coursemate of the deceased wrote:

“From Ist year till we graduated, we never lost any of our own…. RIPNDUBUEZE DIEGO… WOT A WICKED WORLD … Political science 2016(imsu) will miss u. See JBOy ooooo……GOD…….I still don’t believe dix……… RIP.”

 More photos below…


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