“Facebook help me”: Woman cries for help on social media after her husband battered her


A woman named Aleshia Shivers called out for help on Facebook Livestream after she allegedly got battered by her husband Matthew Shivers.
In the video, Aleshia is seen with black eyes and blood dripping down her face. There was blood on her blonde hair and clothes also.
“This is what Matthew did to me,” she said crying.

Hundred of comments trailed the video, a lot of them insulting the boyfriend. But Matthew dropped a comment denying the accusation. He said Aleshia was in the habit of harming herself then blaming him for it. He claimed this will not be the first time it will happen.

Aleshia’s previous posts show she and Matthew have been having issues in their relationship. In one post, she accused him of engaging in incest with his cousin. A very old post shows Aleshia hinting that she suffers from anxiety and bipolar disorder.



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