James Damore, recently fired google engineer joins Twitter with the handle @Fired4Truth.


James Damore, a former software engineer at Google, was fired earlier this week for a memo he wrote which was interpreted as promoting gender stereotypes (read here).
Damore has now joined Twitter with the handle @Fired4Truth. His Twitter Bio reads:
“Former Google Senior Software Engineer and Harvard PhD student, fired for telling the truth.”

He joined Twitter just yesterday and 2 hours later he had over 10,000 followers. At the moment, his followers have gone up to 34.7K and counting.
Damore had authored an internal memo, which leaked online, criticizing Google’s diversity policies. He attacked Google’s “politically correct monoculture”. Damore accused the tech giant of silencing conservative opinions and argued that biological differences play a role in the shortage of women in tech.
A swift backlash followed his memo and he was fired. But despite the fact that there are a lot of people criticizing Damore’s note, there are also a lot of people defending him, especially the conservatives.
Damore’s memo caught the attention of conservatives, especially in the alt-right and they have rallied around him, with many seeing his treatment by Google as reinforcement that their views are not accepted by Google’s leadership. There are reports that Damore plans to sue Google, and, going by his clout on Twitter, he has a lot of supporters.



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