Disturbing video of a girl getting sexually assaulted by a gang of teenagers on a bus


This is a very heartbreaking video to watch. It shows a group of teenage boys sexually assaulting an underage girl called Imane on a bus in Morocco.
The girl is reportedly mentally unstable and can be seen struggling in the video while the boys tore her shirt off her body and pulled her pants down. She cried and struggled helplessly while the boys laughed in her face and fondled her naked breasts, pressing their body against hers.

At a point, one of the boys put his mouth on her breast but she struggled even harder and screamed while the boys, who had now pulled off their shirts, muffled her screams with clothes. Every time she tried to escape, they pulled her back and continued groping her breasts.

The video generated outrage after it went viral on Facebook with people asking what the bus driver was doing while the assault was taking place.  Six teenage suspects were reportedly arrested last week Monday, August 21, in relation to the assault.
See the graphic video below.



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