Nothing new “People bow down and kiss the ring of the Pope.” – Says top journalist who kissed shoes of Ugandan prophet


Leading Ugandan Sports analyst, Joseph Kabuleta, was one of the worshippers, who kissed the shoes of Prophet Elvis Mbonye.
Kabuleta blasted those criticizing him, saying that even Catholics kiss the ring of the Pope.
“I wasn’t out of my mind. What we did was nothing special. We are not the first people to honour people who have spiritual authority and we are not going to be the last. It is not a new phenomenon. People bow down and kiss the ring of the Pope. It was an expression of our hearts and what he (Mbonye) means to us… Range Rovers are their to be driven, why not by a man of God? What are the specifications of people supposed to drive Range Rovers or live in good houses”


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