In what will come across as a really shocking development, a cannibal has killed a man and eaten his body parts.


A man has confessed to murdering a farm owner and eating parts of his body, before using the victim’s blood to create “pieces of art”.

Locals have dubbed Luis Alfredo Gonzalez Hernandez “the cannibalistic artist” after his horrendous crime was made public in the Barlovento region of Venezuela.

Hernandez was arrested by agents from the Scientific, Penal, and Criminal Investigative Body (CICPC).

A photograph of the suspect, which has been shared widely online, shows him with dark wild hair and looking directly into the camera.

Douglas Rico, director of the CICPC confirmed that Hernandez confessed to the shocking crime.

He said: “After his arrest and through interrogation he admitted his guilt in the incident, stating he had quartered and eaten a large part of the human.”

The alleged murderer claims the unnamed farm owner had hired him to carry out a bizarre funeral service.

Police records say: “The deceased had hired him for a funeral service, which consisted of killing him (the victim), eating part of the body and making paintings on canvas with his blood and ashes.”

A number of art pieces were found at the scene of the crime.

Forensic officers are now testing to check if they too were made using human remains.

Investigators also found documents belonging to other people at the crime scene and are currently checking if any of those named have been reported missing.

Cannibalism is becoming a common crime in the South American nation.

In 1999, Dorancel Vargas Gomez was found guilty in Venezuela of killing and eating the remains of at least ten men.

Vargas is well-known to Venezuelans as the “People-Eater” and has committed cannibalistic crimes even behind bars.


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