Premier League! De Bruyne Reveals Distant Relationship With Jose Mourinho During Stint At Chelsea


De Bruyne can win his first Premier League title on Saturday, with a victory in the Manchester Derby against United.

The Belgium international made just three Premier League appearances in two years at Stamford Bridge and spent a season on loan at German side, Werder Bremen.

“I would say distant,” De Bruyne told The Premier League Show when asked about his relationship with Mourinho.

“I’m not really somebody who speaks a lot with coaches. If a coach wants to speak with you, then you just you do it. He is the boss, you can be good with each other but still there’s a distance between a coach and a player.

“I only spoke with him twice — when I wanted to leave to [Borussia] Dortmund at the beginning of the summer and the second meeting, I just said for me it’s better to go, I want to play football.”


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