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It is crucial for many residents who own cars to get cheap auto insurance in Florida. Especially, students who own cars in school need an insurance cover for their vehicle. Access to cheap auto insurance in Florida can easily be found only if you do a good research. Finding the best and cheapest auto insurance for your vehicle is necessary especially for teenagers. Although many auto insurance companies in Florida have a different rate for the same policy. All you need do is to compare the rate of each to get a cheap auto insurance in Florida before signing a contract.

 How Car Owners Get Cheap Auto Insurance In Florida

If the research is too much and you can’t seem to get through all the cheap auto insurance information you come across you can hire an insurance broker. An insurance broker will surely find pay less auto coverage for you but with a price.

This article will explain in simple terms how to find the cheapest auto insurance for people living in Florida. hopefully, at the end, you will be able to navigate through all the information and get the best and cheapest auto insurance for you.

The list of options these insurance companies provides at cheaper rate and also the minimum car insurance requirements in Florida together with the options for high-risk drivers.

Cheap Auto Insurance in florida

I live in Florida for some years so I could show you some perfect ways to find any low-cost insurance rate for your car. I can also recommend some of the best cheap insurance covers for your car here in Florida. In Florida, everything is easy to find unless you don’t read and do some online research. The state of Florida according to statistics is the seventh largest auto insurers in the United State.

Most of the insurance companies that provide vehicle insurance cover have the cheapest options for drivers.

So How Do I Find Cheap Auto Insurance In Florida?

Let us go straight and show you how to get Cheap Auto Insurance In Florida

Some types of insurance coverage can easily be found online. Some of these auto insurance companies provide online quotes and all you do is fill out the forms and submit. But in Florida, you don’t just fill out online insurance quote forms and submit. You need to find out if the auto insurance company actually provide the type of insurance coverage you are seeking for.

Here are lists of some cheapest options these insurance companies in Florida provide cover for car owners.

1. Drivers with a Military Connection:

Getting cheap auto insurance in Florida requires that you must meet some conditions. One of them is that drivers with military connections can get cheap auto insurance coverage. This cheap auto insurance is provided by USAA.

USAA is the cheapest auto insurance option for any driver with the military connection. This means, if you are an active member of the military, a retired veteran or you have an immediate family member who is in the military, you got it. Chances are that you get a cheaper than average auto insurance rate from USAA. You can get a Quote from the website at USAA provide its customers a top-rated customer service.

2. Perfect Drivers:

 The range of average prices for DUIs, moving violations or good drivers with no at-fault accidents is between $1,155 to $6,010 per year. Florida is considered a no-fault state, which means insurers pay more in injury claims than any other state in the country. The average cheap auto insurance rate you can get for a good driver is around $1645 per year with USAA which is open for only drivers with the military connection.
With Geico auto insurance company, you get around $1,803/year at and StateFarm at $1989/year you can get a quote at

3. Teenage Drivers:

Drivers in their early 20s are sure to get average auto insurance prices between $771 to $3,714. Geico offers $1242/year with StateFarm offering $1,694/year. Drivers in the early 20s are deemed to have few properties or assets to ensure that older motorist. They also don’t seem to have other family members on their policy hence, they can often get leaner insurance coverage and score comparatively cheap car insurance in Florida.

4. Families with a Teenage driver:

The average auto insurance coverage for middle-aged couples without a teen driver is between $1,412 to $19,487. So which auto insurance company in Florida provides the cheapest insurance cover for this category of options? Geico offers $3,075/year while StateFarm offers $4,494/year as the cheapest insurance cover for car owners in Florida.

This is because teen drivers bring the major accident risk which incurs a higher than average car insurance rate for their parents.

5. Drivers with poor credit:

Drivers on a low credit are determined by the insurance industry to range on average price between $1,155 to $7,023. Geico price at $1893/year and StateFarm at $2,951/year. Florida drivers with poor credit may not be penalized as much as drivers in other states like New York.

The good thing is that Geico returned sample quotes identical to those for good drivers with no credit issues. USAA for those drivers with military affinity notched with the cheapest overall rate.

6. Drivers with one at fault accident:

The range of average prices $1,482 to $8,819. StateFarm $2,339/year and Geico at $2,587/year. Retired drivers. Cheapest for retired drivers range on average price at $1001 to $5,512. Geico price at $1381/year while the StateFarm price at $1490/year. Minimum car insurance requirement in Florida. Options for high-risk drivers.

If you have any other insight on how to get cheap auto insurance in Florida, feel free to leave a comment below or send us a message through our contact card on our contact page.



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