Trick to Sell Insurance Benefits So That You Can Be Rich


637 benefits here. Can you name ‘em?

Features Tell, Benefits Sell!

I’m sure you’ve heard that one before. We all have. You can’t be in sales a day without hearing it.

I’m not going to argue whether features or benefits sell insurance or whether it’s price, perceived value, trust, a pretty face, or telling cheesy jokes.  But I know in my heart that you will sell more insurance with language that clearly explains to the prospect what’s in it for them (a.k.a. the benefit).

It sounds easy enough – except that it’s not!

I’ve run countless sales workshops with the standard “write the feature on the left and benefit on the right” and of the agents that get it, only a tiny percentage transfer that skill effectively when talking to live prospects.

So I’d like to teach you the easy trick to force yourself to sell insurance benefits so that you can sell more insurance so that you can make more commissions so that you can be rich so that you can drink mojitos on the beach in the Bahamas every day!

Did you catch it?  Adding the phrase “SO THAT YOU” after anything you explain will forceyou to emphasize the customer’s benefit.

Say “SO THAT YOU” so that you sell benefits!

“Buying insurance from our agency allows you to stop by the agency any time you have a question SO THAT YOU don’t have to sit on the other end of a phone line with someone in another country that doesn’t care about your problems.”

Sometimes you might have to “SO THAT YOU”  a few times…

“Considering the value of all your assets, I recommend increasing your liability coverage SO THAT YOU are fully covered if there’s a large claim against you SO THAT YOU can’t be sued for your personal assets SO THAT YOU don’t have sell all your stuff SO THAT YOU won’t have to get another job…”

Oops, I think I went a bit overboard there, but you get the point.

Sew That “U” Baby!

So here’s my challenge to you:

The next time you’re explaining how your insurance products work and you think you’re at the end of a sentence simply add “SO THAT YOU” and then see what flows out.

Try it a few more times today and tomorrow and if you agree that it’s a helpful segue to drive you naturally into a conversation that centers on benefits to the customer, commit to saying it more and more and more SO THAT YOU can be rich!

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If you have questions about this, insight to add, or a great or funny “SO THAT YOU” example, add it to the comments below so that you can feel great about being involved in something that helps agents be more successful!

Here’s My Special Bonus for Parents: I don’t know if “SO THAT YOU” works on teenagers, but I use it on my 3-year-old and it works wonders.  My latest data has “SO THAT YOU” outperforming “BECAUSE I SAID SO” by a 7 to 1 margin.



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