A Major Concern In The Google Enterprise

Google co-founders Sergey Brin and Larry Page will be having less of a say in Google from now on as their current hold of 59% of the voting shares in the company have now been reduced to 48%, and the main question is what does this mean about the overall makeup of Google?
In the past there have been discussions about the amount of information that is stored by Google and their level of responsibility to keep that information secure and the privacy that is needed as far as any release of information is concerned. One of the things that was addressed at that point in time is that although you may feel secure with the current make up of Google and their level of integrity that at any point Google could be bought out by another entirety, sold off or change hands in a manner that would allow all this current data to change hands.
Although they are losing some of their power, they assure users of their commitment to Google. They believe that they are still as strong as ever with the help of the ten percent of the shares held by their current CEO. They feel that since these bonds are so strong that their will be no major change in the management of Google.
In spite of this information however, one must wonder what will happen to Google over time, keeping in mind that they probably hold more information about each individual in this country than any one government in the world. A powerful entity, one must consider with deep concern the future ramifications of a Google take over and the fact that much of this information if placed in the wrong hands could destroy many individuals and be an overall threat to National Security.
Steps must be taken to ensure that Google is not allowed to misuse this information in the future, and this should be done prior to any type of power shift in the company itself. Google is a very wonderful entity but the power it holds could be extremely dangerous if placed in the wrong hands.
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