The Interesting Chinese Miao Guzang Festival- Ancestor Worship


The GuZang festival is celebrated once every 13 years by the Miao minority in southern China. The local people dress up themselves with their spectacular silver jewelry that weights 30 pounds, and attend all activities held during the festival.
During the festival, the Miao always use happy and cheerful words to avoid any unpleasant feelings. For slaughtering a pig, they say kiss the official; for bringing a butcher knife, they say send me the leaf; for heating a stove with the straw to cook the pork, they say let’s cover the official. After they finish eating and are full, they will say full of the warehouse.
On the 5th day of the GuZang festival, the sacred bulls are shown up around the village, with firecrackers exploding loudly. The bulls are decorated with beautiful ornaments.
The bulls are slaughtered just before dawn the next day. Their heads are put together facing east, which suggests the ancestors of the Miao come from east China. A ceremony is then held to release souls of these bulls from purgatory. At last people sing the old sacrificial songs together.
After the ceremony, the meat of bulls is divided and distributed for people to hold feasts at home.
In the next few days, the Miao continue to indulge themselves in singing, dancing, with the beautiful drum music echoing through the mountains.
Bullfighting is an exciting game you can’t miss during the festival. Two bulls fight madly with each other. The one that is killed in the game will be considered a hero and buried with a grand funeral. His battle story is inscribed on the gravestone.


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