Tips to Choosing the Best Seat When You Book Your Airline Tickets

Passengers sitting in commercial airliner, rear view

We all enjoy going on a vacation because it is a wonderful way to relax and take our minds off of work and other of life’s stresses. When our vacation includes flying, we want our flight to be comfortable and enjoyable. The seat we book will play a big part in our comfort. Fortunately, there are things we can do to make sure we get a good seat. Below are a number of tips to choosing the best seat when you book your airline tickets:

1. To book a better seat, make sure you buy your seat early because the closer you get to your flight date, fewer seats will be available. You want to make sure you have a good selection of seats to choose so you should book at least 21 days ahead of your scheduled flight. As well, many booking engines and airline websites provide a seat availability map so you can compare seats to find the best one for your needs.

2. If comfort is more important to you than price, especially if you are on a long flight, don’t make the price the most important factor when booking your seat. If you pay a little more for your airfare ticket, you can get features and services that make your flight more enjoyable. For instance, better seats, power port, and a better entertainment system may cost a bit more, but the flight will be much more comfortable. As well, several airlines will charge extra for a seat with extra legroom. You may also be able to get a more comfortable seat. For instance, you may be able to book a seat in economy with extra legroom for a modest supplementary fee. If you know exactly what seat you want, be specific when you book your flight.

3. If you are looking for more room, book a bulkhead seat. These are the seats located directly behind barriers such as a curtain or wall. Bulkhead seats tend to be roomier, especially the leg room. These seats are often chosen by people with small children and infants where a bassinet is required.

4. It is important to arrive at the airport early or you may lose your seat. As well, when you arrive, confirm your seat when you check in. This will ensure you get your seat, or you may be able to switch to a more comfortable seat. Most airlines will allow you to check in online 24 hours before the scheduled flight. When you arrive at your gate, ask if any new seats have opened up.

5. Seat pitch and width can vary from airline to airline, therefore, you should compare seat pitch and width dimensions. Use an airline website’s seat comparison chart to help you locate the seats with the best pitch and width. Make sure the chart you look at corresponds to your plane type.

One of the main reasons why we go on a vacation is to have fun and relax. When your vacation includes flying, you want to make sure your flight is also enjoyable. Choosing the best seat will help ensure a relaxing and comfortable flight.

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