Cardi B confirms She’s ‘In Her Final Month Of Pregnancy & About To Give Birth’


Cardi B, 25, is closer than we thought about become a first-time mom and we can’t wait! In legal documents obtained by TMZ, the rapper says she is “in her final month of pregnancy and about to give birth” and it is her reasoning for trying to push back the date of a deposition.

The legal matter has to do with a lawsuit a guy filed that claims she copied his back tattoo and used it as the art of her album.

Cardi’s legal team secured a deal to move the deposition from July 25 to Sept. 7 so she can be long done with her pregnancy before she stands up for herself in the case.

Although we don’t know the exact date Cardi is due, we do know it’s sometime in early July so she’s most likely preparing for the bundle of joy as much as she can.

She’s been very open about her pregnancy journey ever since announcing she was expecting and she recently made headlines when she posted a hilarious tweet that read, “SAD NEWS:I can’t see my vagina anymore.” Like with everything in her life, Cardi has used her pregnancy as an opportunity to make her fans laugh with brutal honesty and we love her for it!

Cardi and baby daddy Offset, 26, have both proven to be excited for the upcoming baby. They have often showed off photos of Cardi being pregnant, including one in which Offset is cradling her adorable baby bump.

We can’t wait to see them after the birth when they have their little babe in tow. We bet it will be too-cute-for-words!



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